Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 araw ng Komiks(day 18) FB3C Baguio Comic Con

Baguio City. Last July 16, 2011 the 1st Baguio City Comics Comics Convention was held at the City Of Pines and the Summer Capital of the Philippines at the Baguio City National High School. Organized by the Winner of the Hero TV's Comics Creation Contest Gerald Asbucan and his team, even with so little time to prepare they were able to make the event happen, which is very admirable. The event started from 9am - 8pm at the High School Audiorium. The event was very successful with special guest from the Indie Comics people from Manila and the Northern Provinces like myself in Pangasinan, Comics Veterans Sir Danny Acuna, Jun Lofamia, etc.. , Sketchpad Studios headed by Sir Ernest Hernandez, Komikon people and artists with Jon Zamar and Ser Manix Abrera. 

A number of cosplayers attended the event, most of them went in the afternoon that I think draw some crowd. The Comics vetarans at the skethpad studios did some "free" sketches of the attendees also made the people go home with a smile on their faces. We at the Indie table sold some Indie Comics which is very good, we were able to sell really good number of comics! :) yey! As compared the conventions here in Manila which are Coplay and Toys centered we did more sales at Baguio Con! 

I was also able to share little jokes and talk about comics with my table mates, Jon, Carlo(Boy bakal, Birdy kid, etc...) and Doc Carlo. We also did some fan arts particularly of Boy Bakal on our free time. A lot of teens also participated on the event, most attended because of the cosplay, but a number of them also puchased Indie comics and have a little chat with them. Some local artist based at Baguio were also present, they are really nice and I was able to gain new artist friends from Baguio. Was also able to draw few caricatures for new friends :) Me and Carlo(boy bakal) also met a new friend who stayed at our table until afternoon, uoooyy Carlo! ahaha 

Local media of bagio was also present(both print and tv) I also did a demo art for the local news, :D I hope I'll get the chance to watch it. Gerald told us that by February next year they are going to organize another Comics Convention, in line with the "Panagbenga" Flower Festival 2012, made us very eager to join and be back at Baguio.

It was closing time when I was invited by sir Ernest for a dinner with the Carlo, Sketchpad artist and Gio Paredes(Kalayaan), we went at the Tam-awan village a place in Baguio where artist and tourist come and enjoy then place, we went there at night time so I was not yet able to see the view but as we enterered the place we were welcomed by great artworks and Cool artists! Thanks to Sir Chit Asignacion and together witht the artist of tam-awan the place was adorable and memorable! The place, the art, the people and the accomdation was really worth the mention, I could not thank them enough for the hospitality. 

During our stay at Tam-awan village, shortly after the dinner we were invited to have sketching session, "nude" sketching session :D I don't know at first what to expect, and I was really curious so I joined. Thanks to Gio for the vellum paper. Then after, we unwined and talked about the place, and the art of the two disciplines (comics and visual art) over a bottle or should I say bottles of "Bugnay Wine", it was really a good drink! I love the wine! Sir Chit said it was their best seller and tourist often come just to order boxes of the Wine, which I understand why. In the morning, Gio and I took some pictures, then shortly after Ernest brought his camera and took good pictures as well! Really fun way to start the morning of the cool place. After the breakfast, I already went ahead to go home to Pangasinan.

Before I went back to Manila I met my good friend Mark of Planet Markus blog site, gave him a copy of my mukat comics and had a little chat, he said he had a good news for me, the good news he will anounce soon! :) Looking forward for the Mukat review Mark thanks! :) 

Overall, the Baguio Comic Con is a very successful event, next year I'm pretty sure it will be even bigger! Thanks to everyone who made the event possible! And thanks for taking time to read my post

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