Monday, July 18, 2011

‎100 ARAW NG KOMIKS (Day 19) PAYT4LAB (Fight for Love)

‎100 ARAW NG KOMIKS (Day 19) PAYT4LAB (Fight for Love) I love Culture Crash Comics (CCCom) ever since I first heard of it I was very eager to have a copy. I always envy my highschool Classmates you are able to but copies of the the comics in Manila. It was CCCom Issue 10 when the distribution of the comics hits our place at Pangasinan. Then after I never missed an issue of CCCom. No, this post is not about CCCom It's about my early comics Payt 4 Lab (fight for love in jejemons term) After I read a copy of Culture Crash Issue 10 immediately notice the part where fans can be featured and published in the Comics with pay! and Fame! Maximum of 8 pages colored/b&w is Ok so I grabbed my chance. I immediately created a short story about fighting and loving hence the title hehe. The story is not so deep, I just did it for fun, my resources are very limited so I just submitted my comics in B&w. I did my best at the time and applied all I know about comics creation. I'm pretty happy about the result, though I really least expect to be chosen since I would assume most of the entries submitted is in full color, based on the previous issues I had read. I submitted the comics and hoped for the best. Though I didn't win I was still ecstatic, I love all the comics I do. It's my stepping stone to become what I am now. I was really happy every time I share a table now with my influences, the CCCom people! :) Hoping to see the CCCom once again! Hoping for the best! :)

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