Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glasshousegraphics Comics creation Seminar

My dream jobs are to be an animator or a comicbook artist! Ever since I was just a kid, I'm always fascinated to superheroes and moving pictures. My dream is still burning in me that's why I always practice drawing as much as possible even though I'm already working.

I'm most happy when I was able to work in the Big City (NCR), in my opinion, all the event and all of my dream jobs are here, meaning I'm closer...

I've always known of the glasshousegraphics comics creation seminar, unfortunately I'm still in the province so I dont have the financial capability to go and join the seminar, but now that I'm working already, there's no way i would miss this seminar.

The Seminar is a 2-day event at the CLSB in Taft Ave. Manila from Jan 30-31, 2010. I was able to meet there my good friend Randy Valiente and Jaime also an equally good artist. With me is my housemate Roel Barreto which is also a fine programmer. We were all excited to listen and take part of the seminar.

Most of the talks were discussed by David Campiti the CEO of glasshousegraphics, he is also the one who reviewed the portfolios of the participants like me. There were talks about comics, the history, the legends in comics, pencilling, toning, coloring, lay-outing preparing portfolios, and about glasshouse graphics and the careers waiting for us If ever we're qualifie. David emphasize that not all comics right now are good, good means that It's interesting to read and to follow.

We really learned a lot from the seminar, I was able to take-down some notes. After the seminar I feel inspired to practice and to practice more to make my dream come true.

Monday, January 25, 2010

another batch of commissioned caricature

I just resigned from my previous callcenter work, It's been over 3 years and find It really sad when I think about leaving. Leaving in not always a bad thing, when you go you sometimes find new opportunities and new acquaintances. Just before and after I resigned I did a few caricatures for my friends. Hope you like them as much as I did.

this is my latest ballpenart. Done while I'm in training at North Edsa. Done using a ballpen I think I borrowed from a friend. :) By February I'm going to start for another call center Job at makati. Goodluck to me! :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Up a Disney/Pixar Movie

I have always been a fan of 3D films. When I was a child I always watch children shows on TV specially if its cartoons or animes or martial arts. Soon after I was introduced to 3D, then I got really fascinated by the magic of animation. My dream is to become one in the future. Many 3D films have been shown, like Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda, Cars, Shreck I always watch these kind of films, It's like watching your toys go alive, its like a whole new world. :)

Just recently I've watched UP by Disney/Pixar. My orig plan was to watch it on cinema but, I never found a time to do so, maybe because I'm too busy thinking or doing some stuff, of maybe I'm just too lazy or maybe I dont have enough money yet :) an so I just watched the the movie on our living room froma DVD. Anyway, what I love about the movie most is the animation, the action the drama and the story. The movie tries to tell us that it's never too late to fullfil your dreams. You need friends to survive and sometimes people that you look up to are not the person who you really think they are.

The animation was superb! I like how they shoot each shot and used lighting. I also love the character design, the colorful world and the drama of the characters. Definitely for the whole family to enjoy. 'till the next movie then. :)


These are my mini comics done way back last year, I've always wanted to submit a comic-strip to our local news paper. Soon I will be! :) wish me luck!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar Movie by J.Cameron

Yes, I know its late, been busy with some things, avatar is the first movie that I watched for 2010. After attending the Sunday mass at the Edsa Shrine I watched Avatar with a special friend :p. This is all that I can say.

The movie was great! It’s definitely worth mentioning. I’m doing this blog because the movie was still in my memory. I like the movie because of the cool character design, the cool world of Pandora, the story that everybody can relate to, and most especially because of the message of the story to love the Earth that we all live in. It’s really a great experience. At first my plan is to watch it in Imax or in 3d but because of unforeseen circumstances, we just watched in the regular cinema, the movie was still super though, I cant imagine how MORE exciting it would be to watch in full 3d! Oh my God!

James Cameron really did a great job doing the movie! It was almost real watching it in the movies. I respect others opinion but for me, It’s one of the most action-packed movies of all time. The 2.5 running time passed so fast you almost have no more time to talk to your seatmate or whoever your with :D. I’d definitely do a fan-art in the future.

here's some of my ballpen sketches, I love the xmen, sometimes i wish i have super powers and defend the earth from evil doers. I wish...

no his name is not Graaah! you know his name :p

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lapu-lapu Reprint and Fanart

Yumina is the the younger sister of Lapu-lapu and Arturo is one of the crew of Ferdinand Magellan

Lapu-lapu is a series in the 50's made by the Dean of the Philippine Comics. It is based on the story of Lapu-lapu the king of Mactan the first Filipino to win over the Spaniard conquerors.

LAPU-LAPU is one of the komiks novels that Francisco Coching, the Dean of Philippine Comics made. It was first published in the 1950's by Ace Publications Inc. It is based on the 1st Filipino hero of the island of Mactan. He is Lakan or the King of the island.

I really love the story and the artwork of this comics. You should read it too, I bought my copy at NBS Dagupan. One thing that i noticed is the language they used, most of the words that Mr. Coching used are words that are new to me, I mean words like "tigmak", "talaksan", "kampilan", "halaghag" etc. I enjoy learning though, you will eventually find out the meaning of those words as you go with the story. I made this fan art to show my respect to the masters of Philippine Komiks. I really hope that the reprints of the early comics by the masters will continue, I'd definitely get a copy and enjoy reading and learning.

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