Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mlu Colored

I have plenty of Mlu drawings in my archive. I began drawing Mlu way back when I was still with e-telecare my 1st call center. There I met Lulu Castillo my Girlfriend. From the day I first drew Mlu until now, more or less I have created at least 200 small drawings about a quarter of a coupon bond and a full 9-pages mini-comic. That said comics won as the Best Entry in the Komikon 2009 last November. I was very happy when that comics won, I felt like all my efforts have been paid off. Up until now I still continue drawing Mlu when I have time. These are a few of my colored Mlu Drawings, colored about an hour each using Adobe Photoshop. Feel free to comment If you like them :).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

UPLB Komiks Trip 2010

Around 7:00 in the morning of Feb 13 I met-up with Randy Valiente at the Cubao Bus terminal. We eventually discovered that there were no Sta Rosa buses at that terminal and we were advised to just wait for one along Edsa. We arrived at the UPLB before 10am just in time to witness the ribbon cutting headed by Mr. Jonas Diego. Finding the venue was not as easy as we thought it would, we walked and asked along the UP campus, until we met the group of Sir Orvi that time we were able to find the venue. It woud have been better if there's some kind of hint as to where the venue is like a tarp or poster perhaps so that 1st timers in the place can easily find the venue.

According to Mr. Diego it's time to have conventions outside of the metro, which is good so that people outside of Manila can get to experience the comics convention fever. After the opening ceremony we headed to the main hall, I was able to have the oppurtunity to share a table with Mr. Randy Valiente, without him, I wouldn't have been able to attend for the 1st time the komiks strip at UPLB.Beside our table to the right is the Culture Crash group I was able to chat and befriend with two of my Idols Micheal David (kuburi kikiam) and Elmer Damaso (Cat's trail) I got a copy of  their comics and got them singed! How lucky day this was for me.

I was also able to sell my Indie Comics, Baboy, Dogstyle, Mlu, and Edsa. Edsa was sold-out! I was able to sell the 5 copies I displayed, I was not able to track my sales though but it's ok. I'm good. Overall the event was a success and I'm looking forward for the next comics convention.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Komiks for the UPLB Comic con

I just got home from a trip to UP Diliman QC. That is the only place I know which can give me a quality copy of my mini-comics. After logging-out at the office by 1pm I headed straight to the UP campus, I don't mind the heat of the sun, I don't mind my headache, I don't mind my lack of sleep, just to get my comics copied, and no I am not angry. Anyway, The name of the stall is YZA, it is located in the shopping center inside the UP Campus. I had my Baboy and Mlu Comics photocopied 20 copies each. If you want to grab a copy, you can contact me or you can drop by our table at the KomiksTrip : the First UPLB comics convention. I will be at the table of Wow Hayop with my good friend and a great artist Randy Valiente. Mr Valiente is the writer of EDSA a mini-comics about... you got it right EDSA! I'm also going to bring copies of that comic to the con as well as the Dogstyle another Best Entry for the Komikon an Annual Comics Convention in the Philippines.

Other than my comics, I will bring  along Walong Oras(8 hours) the mini-comics of my housemate and also a great programmer and web developer Mr. Roelito Barreto.why such title? it's because he did the comics literally for 8 hrs! I dont think I can do that yet. For more info about the event you can check this link. See you there guys and spread the word, I know it's Valentines but what the hell! We all can multi-task, I think.

Thursday, February 4, 2010



I Love Lingayen

I was born and grew up in Lingayen, Pangasinan, in a small "barangay" called Naguelguel. Since I was little we used to go to the Famous Lingayen, gulf, the same gulf that Gen. McArthur Landed during the second World War. In that same beach we celebrate the Pista'y Dayat(Sea Festival) on the 1st day of May to thank God for the blessing and for good harvest for the people. I can still remember, we used to join the Sand Sculpting Copetitiion during the said festival. I posted here some of our sculptures. Those are few of the winning pieces of art, and some are just too good though did not win, but is good enough to be featured.

I really fell said when I think about what happened because the competition were removed in the line-up of events, for the information of the organizers and the Pangasinan Provincial Government, the Sand Sculpting competition is one of the major event in the festival that most tourist look forward to. This is the event that they can get to take pictures of the sculptures, when the sun is too hot to take a bath yet to the sea.

I'm looking forward and hoping that they'd bring the competition back, it will definitely make the people and the artist like us very happy.

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