Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mlu Colored

I have plenty of Mlu drawings in my archive. I began drawing Mlu way back when I was still with e-telecare my 1st call center. There I met Lulu Castillo my Girlfriend. From the day I first drew Mlu until now, more or less I have created at least 200 small drawings about a quarter of a coupon bond and a full 9-pages mini-comic. That said comics won as the Best Entry in the Komikon 2009 last November. I was very happy when that comics won, I felt like all my efforts have been paid off. Up until now I still continue drawing Mlu when I have time. These are a few of my colored Mlu Drawings, colored about an hour each using Adobe Photoshop. Feel free to comment If you like them :).

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