Saturday, February 13, 2010

UPLB Komiks Trip 2010

Around 7:00 in the morning of Feb 13 I met-up with Randy Valiente at the Cubao Bus terminal. We eventually discovered that there were no Sta Rosa buses at that terminal and we were advised to just wait for one along Edsa. We arrived at the UPLB before 10am just in time to witness the ribbon cutting headed by Mr. Jonas Diego. Finding the venue was not as easy as we thought it would, we walked and asked along the UP campus, until we met the group of Sir Orvi that time we were able to find the venue. It woud have been better if there's some kind of hint as to where the venue is like a tarp or poster perhaps so that 1st timers in the place can easily find the venue.

According to Mr. Diego it's time to have conventions outside of the metro, which is good so that people outside of Manila can get to experience the comics convention fever. After the opening ceremony we headed to the main hall, I was able to have the oppurtunity to share a table with Mr. Randy Valiente, without him, I wouldn't have been able to attend for the 1st time the komiks strip at UPLB.Beside our table to the right is the Culture Crash group I was able to chat and befriend with two of my Idols Micheal David (kuburi kikiam) and Elmer Damaso (Cat's trail) I got a copy of  their comics and got them singed! How lucky day this was for me.

I was also able to sell my Indie Comics, Baboy, Dogstyle, Mlu, and Edsa. Edsa was sold-out! I was able to sell the 5 copies I displayed, I was not able to track my sales though but it's ok. I'm good. Overall the event was a success and I'm looking forward for the next comics convention.

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