Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Up a Disney/Pixar Movie

I have always been a fan of 3D films. When I was a child I always watch children shows on TV specially if its cartoons or animes or martial arts. Soon after I was introduced to 3D, then I got really fascinated by the magic of animation. My dream is to become one in the future. Many 3D films have been shown, like Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda, Cars, Shreck I always watch these kind of films, It's like watching your toys go alive, its like a whole new world. :)

Just recently I've watched UP by Disney/Pixar. My orig plan was to watch it on cinema but, I never found a time to do so, maybe because I'm too busy thinking or doing some stuff, of maybe I'm just too lazy or maybe I dont have enough money yet :) an so I just watched the the movie on our living room froma DVD. Anyway, what I love about the movie most is the animation, the action the drama and the story. The movie tries to tell us that it's never too late to fullfil your dreams. You need friends to survive and sometimes people that you look up to are not the person who you really think they are.

The animation was superb! I like how they shoot each shot and used lighting. I also love the character design, the colorful world and the drama of the characters. Definitely for the whole family to enjoy. 'till the next movie then. :)


These are my mini comics done way back last year, I've always wanted to submit a comic-strip to our local news paper. Soon I will be! :) wish me luck!

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