Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar Movie by J.Cameron

Yes, I know its late, been busy with some things, avatar is the first movie that I watched for 2010. After attending the Sunday mass at the Edsa Shrine I watched Avatar with a special friend :p. This is all that I can say.

The movie was great! It’s definitely worth mentioning. I’m doing this blog because the movie was still in my memory. I like the movie because of the cool character design, the cool world of Pandora, the story that everybody can relate to, and most especially because of the message of the story to love the Earth that we all live in. It’s really a great experience. At first my plan is to watch it in Imax or in 3d but because of unforeseen circumstances, we just watched in the regular cinema, the movie was still super though, I cant imagine how MORE exciting it would be to watch in full 3d! Oh my God!

James Cameron really did a great job doing the movie! It was almost real watching it in the movies. I respect others opinion but for me, It’s one of the most action-packed movies of all time. The 2.5 running time passed so fast you almost have no more time to talk to your seatmate or whoever your with :D. I’d definitely do a fan-art in the future.

here's some of my ballpen sketches, I love the xmen, sometimes i wish i have super powers and defend the earth from evil doers. I wish...

no his name is not Graaah! you know his name :p

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