Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lapu-lapu Reprint and Fanart

Yumina is the the younger sister of Lapu-lapu and Arturo is one of the crew of Ferdinand Magellan

Lapu-lapu is a series in the 50's made by the Dean of the Philippine Comics. It is based on the story of Lapu-lapu the king of Mactan the first Filipino to win over the Spaniard conquerors.

LAPU-LAPU is one of the komiks novels that Francisco Coching, the Dean of Philippine Comics made. It was first published in the 1950's by Ace Publications Inc. It is based on the 1st Filipino hero of the island of Mactan. He is Lakan or the King of the island.

I really love the story and the artwork of this comics. You should read it too, I bought my copy at NBS Dagupan. One thing that i noticed is the language they used, most of the words that Mr. Coching used are words that are new to me, I mean words like "tigmak", "talaksan", "kampilan", "halaghag" etc. I enjoy learning though, you will eventually find out the meaning of those words as you go with the story. I made this fan art to show my respect to the masters of Philippine Komiks. I really hope that the reprints of the early comics by the masters will continue, I'd definitely get a copy and enjoy reading and learning.


  1. Hhhmm.. Nae-engganyo na tuloy ako bumili nito ah. Heheh.. NBS Dagupan?.. Dito ka na ba ulit sa Pangasinan?

  2. lupit mo talaga magdrawing! idol!

  3. mark and Blackyuna: Salamat sa inyo. Yup sa Dagupan ko binili yung copy ko nung last holiday vacation. Dito pa rin ako nagwowork sa manila :D


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