Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glasshousegraphics Comics creation Seminar

My dream jobs are to be an animator or a comicbook artist! Ever since I was just a kid, I'm always fascinated to superheroes and moving pictures. My dream is still burning in me that's why I always practice drawing as much as possible even though I'm already working.

I'm most happy when I was able to work in the Big City (NCR), in my opinion, all the event and all of my dream jobs are here, meaning I'm closer...

I've always known of the glasshousegraphics comics creation seminar, unfortunately I'm still in the province so I dont have the financial capability to go and join the seminar, but now that I'm working already, there's no way i would miss this seminar.

The Seminar is a 2-day event at the CLSB in Taft Ave. Manila from Jan 30-31, 2010. I was able to meet there my good friend Randy Valiente and Jaime also an equally good artist. With me is my housemate Roel Barreto which is also a fine programmer. We were all excited to listen and take part of the seminar.

Most of the talks were discussed by David Campiti the CEO of glasshousegraphics, he is also the one who reviewed the portfolios of the participants like me. There were talks about comics, the history, the legends in comics, pencilling, toning, coloring, lay-outing preparing portfolios, and about glasshouse graphics and the careers waiting for us If ever we're qualifie. David emphasize that not all comics right now are good, good means that It's interesting to read and to follow.

We really learned a lot from the seminar, I was able to take-down some notes. After the seminar I feel inspired to practice and to practice more to make my dream come true.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the Seminar! I'm always available if you have questions or have samples you'd like me to review for you!

  2. thanks for dropping by Dave! I'm also glad about the seminar, If ever you will conduct the seminar again next year I will attend it too. I just need to make my best portfolio for review and I'll contact you. More Power to you and glasshousegraphics.


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