Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Winning Comics: MLU

The Winning Comics: MLU

MLU is my newest comics entry for the 5th Komikon Comics Creation Contest. I was able to get the Best Entry award for the 3rd Consecutive time. Baboy won last Komikon Nov 2008 and second time is for Dogstyle last May 2009 at the Komikon Summer Fiesta. I am very happy that many have appreciated my comics, I'm doing this Blog to share why I did and how I did MLU:

1. First I will write the story, usually, for my comics since it's only a few pages I just think what the story is about.
2. Then I do the thumbnails, in this stage I decide how the panels are layed out on each page and how many pages will my comics be.

3. Next is pencilling, I just follow what I draw on the thumbnails stage so thumbnails are critical you need to put all the important details on it so when its pencillixng time you will not waste time thinking what to draw.

4. And lastly the inking stage, this stage usally takes time, specially if you want to put as much detail on comics as you want, this will make your comics look better. I dont sketch digitally, I only use the basic pencil paper and Ink combo, why? because I really feel attached to my comics this way, and other than that you have a so-called "original art" If you do all your drawing digitally you dont have an orignal art on paper no matter how may prints of your drawings is, "original print" maybe?

Let me give you a brief history why MLU came to be. No, it did'nt started because of the Komikon Contest, It began way back. At the office before they forbid us to bring over pen and papers I'm already making sketches of the characters. Soon after, when Lulu my girlfriend, gave me her "yes", I started making MLU(abbreviation of our names: Mel and Lulu) I drew my first MLU drawing, most of it is can be viewed here-->> most of the early drawing is with Lulu. More or less I have created about 200 drawings of MLU, so when it so happened that the theme for the Komikon 2009 Contest is drama or love story I decided to make Us star in the latest entry :)

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