Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pangasinan Festivals

Last day-off I went home to my hometown in Lingayen, Pangasinan to attend our local fiesta. I was not there during the main day though because I need to go to work, which is very sad. Not so sad though, because i was able to attend the opening of the art exhibit of my artist friends in Pangasinan, they are also members of the Dagupan Artist Circle and the Pangasinan Artist Group. The exhibit is titled "DakatDakat" meaning to dip oneself in water. I was invited by Patrick Fernandez in Facebook for the event, as a part of the Bangus Festival 2010 celebration in Dagupan City the Bangus capital of the world. The exhibit is showcased at Cafe Dumarc at 4pm, April 22. I was there by 5pm because I had a quick nap before going to the said exhibit.

The pictures above were taken during the exhibit. Thank you very much Patrick, Boni, Jojit and the rest of the Dagupan Artist Circle for the warm welcome. After the exhibit, We were also able to have a shot of GSM blue. I was so drunk and sleepy after that I was not able to go home that night, we had  very good time chatting and exchanging ideas and experiences. It really made my short stay in Pangasinan so memorable.

The day after, April 23 in the afternoon, me and my brothers Lou-mel, Jep-jep and Not-not my niece went to the Lingayen Gulf for a swim, then we realized that at the same time the 1st Bagoong Festival together with 2010 Pistay Dayat Celebration is being formally Opened. We watched the colorful parade of the street dancers and got to roam around a bit.

I really enjoyed the my trip back home, and I wished that my stay would be for a week but sadly, I need to go back for work, money matters. :) I'd definitely go back and have my summer experience be a great one!

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