Sunday, June 17, 2012

ToyCon 2012

Last june 15-17, ToyCon 2012 was held. Me and my comics was able to attend such great event at the Megatrade Hall 1-2. I was so happy when I received an invite to join the artist alley! I'm really honored. Thanks Sherry(of Komikon Inc.) There was really a huge crowd! A lot of cosplayer, fans and enthusiasts were present. On the table I was able to join my fellow comics artists and the Komikon Inc group, we really had a great time. We attended the event for 2 days, june 16th and 17th. Comics sales was good, we also did a lot of sketching, I made 4 fanarts,Batman, Luffy, Deja Thoris and the character from Jon Zamar's Dakila, I was also commissioned to do caricatures for some attendee's, It really makes me smile when I hear comment like "uy kamukha ko nga!" after I hand them over their caricatures, I did 4 caricatures. We were also able to get ourselves "Mighty Mugs" I am still thinking which character to paint the mug to.
The event in general was really a success. It was great that we were next to the booth of Royal, giving away free royal in can drinks which made the crowd pass by our table and have a good look at what we do. :) I'm Looking forward for next years event.

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